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Where are your services offered?

Do you accept customers who have poor credit?
Absolutley! Special financing is our specialty!

Can I get a car loan if I am going through a divorce right now?
Yes if you are applying on your own (not jointly), however you should discuss with your attorney before going forth.

Is there a minimum income required?
You need to earn at least $1200.00 per month.

I have no credit, can you help a first time buyer?

Is your program only for used cars?
No, it is for new or used car loans.

I have been turned down for a car loan recently how is your program different?
Our national network of finance experts specializes in sub prime credit and therefore have programs which many of your local sources do not have access to.

I am thinking about filing bankruptcy, can you help?
Not in a situation like this. Your bankruptcy must be dismissed or discharged or you need to obtain a letter from your trustee which gives you permission to purchase an automobile.

Do you provide services for classic car purchases?

Do you provide services for auction or private party purchases?

Have other questions? You can send your question to us via email which can be found on the Email Us page.





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